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Ubuntu on Sony Vaio Fz21e

Sony Vaio make the most beautiful non apple notebooks (in my opinion) unfortunately its laptops are also very linux unfriendly. Last year while shoping for a new laptop i wanted something stylish and at the same time built with open hardware and works with Linux, hence i avoided anything that had broadcom or atheros wireless drivers, and ATI Graphic Drivers since they are notorious for their freedom hating attitude towards Linux (they don’t usually work out of the box ). so when i saw a sony vaio that has an intel wireless card, ( intel wireless cards are very well supported in LInux),NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT (Nvidia graphic cards although closed sourced are generally well supported in Linux ).  Nothing felt better than a shinny new laptop to run Linux and make my window friends drool at the stability and beauty it brings to my desktop experience . So i shelled out 145,000 Naira ( about $1,200) to get my shinny new laptop so that we could leave happily ever after .. right ?  … Wrong. Turns out that i would have to do some extra stuffs  to get my brand new Sony Vaio to play well with Linux .
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