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My Investment Journey so Far

Caveat: The post below is not a financial advise. I am not a certified or trained financial adviser. This is just a log of my own experience with investing.

My Journey started some years back when I decided that the Nigeria currency, The Naira was just too volatile and unstable. It lost over 66% of it’s value in the last 7 years. This got me to convert my savings to dollars and store it in a dollar savings account I opened a while back. The idea was to hedge my savings against Naira devaluation (which happens at an average rate of 6% annually) and inflation. The goal is; as the naira slides downwards, the value of my savings (in dollars) remain as it was when I converted them to dollars.

Sometimes last year, it occurred to me that, putting my money in dollars alone is not enough. I needed to do more here is why.

  • My money is in the Nigerian Banking system and still vulnerable to the Nigerian economy and the fortune of the naira. I am one CBN regulation away from losing all my savings.
  • I am not taking advantage of the time value of money in that, at a 0 interest savings account, my money was not yielding any interest. I am limiting the power of my money working for me. aka money making money for me.

Wealth comes through investing not (just) savings

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Stand up for Freedom – Join The New Zealand Internet Blackout

Join The New Zealand Internet Blackout to protest against the Guilt Upon Accusation law ‘Section 92A’ that calls for Internet disconnection based on accusations of copyright infringement without a trial and without any evidence held up to court scrutiny. This is due to come into effect on February 28th unless immediate action is taken by the National Party


Right May be you don’t live in New Zealand, but remember

First They Came for the Jews
First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the communists
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Already This evil practise is been allegedly  used by   Starcomms in Nigeria to arbitraryly disconnect the Internet lines of many of their customers for downloading pirated media, without giving the customers a chance to defend themselves.

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Receiving files via bluetooth on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

You probably know that sending files to a computer in ibex via bluetooth doesn’t work. .. well out of the box not until you install gnome-bluetooth from synaptic. thanks to this post here

Elisa : A Nice Media Center for Ubuntu

When i started using Linux some 2 years ago, one application i really wanted to have was a media center. I liked having all my multimedia controlled by one software, like a one stop media shop (more or less)

On windows i used the windows media center which is a very cool tool for my needs. Unfortuntely when i migrated to Linux i was unable to find a program that does what i wanted. i tried MyTV but it was too TV centric i don’t have a TV Card- beside was a witch to configure. I just wanted something that was easy to install, easy to use, and just works.
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Fix Xubuntu Rhymbox error: Unable to activate plugin Jamendo and Unable to activate plugin Magnatune Store

I usually get this error when i install Rhythmbox from an xfce environment.It comes up whenever i start it. although the program would still run. i always find it very annoying. however searching the problem reveals that installing libgnomevfs2-extra from synaptic fixes it. so i guess one less thing to worry about.

My Boring Boring Sysadmin Job .. so i got a Puppy

Ok i have a good Job .. at least in a country we job is scares .. having a job that house you and feeds you free of charge, while at the same time paying you for something you already enjoy doing and would do for free anyway (thank God my Boss doesn’t read blogs) isn’t such a bad thing right? so i shouldn’t even rant right? …. well its not that quite easy .. look am far from home (no where can ever be like Lagos) which means am far from my friends and geek squads Read more

How to share your Internet connection on Ubuntu

For many moons ever since i started using Linux i have always wanted an easy way to share my internet connections between two computers. anyway i finally found a way to get it to work. Now i can share internet connection between my work laptop and my personally laptop.

Please while it might be possible on some other laptops. my laptop came with the PRO/Wireless 3945ABG and its impossible to share my internet over wireless because the current driver for my device doesnt support master mode which is what is needed for this to be possible. But with this guide it would be possible to share intenet via Lan. so if you get your intenet connection over wlan or a 3g modem or anything modem. it would be possible to share that same internet over Lan. Note if you got your wifi to work through ndiswrapper then we are also in the same shoes and sharing via wifi wont work. Infact this post is not about sharing your internet via wifi period.
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Upgrade / Downgrade your Dell Bios On Ubuntu

Updating or Downgrading your Bios is pretty straight forward on Ubuntu. Ok maybe not as straight forward as double clinking to install. But not that difficult all the same.

for this guide we will be using the commandline. But that should not scare you, i have tried to make the guide as easy as possible. first we open Terminal /Application/Accessories/Terminal
Now since we will be running every command as root(as administrator), we sould need to become an admin. so that we wont need to been adding sudo infront of every command. so first copy and paste this in terminal
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How to install scilab 5.0.3 on Ubuntu 8.4


They say if u want something done you’d better do it your self. Since there was no deb package for the latest scilab 5.0.3. I had no choice than to build one from source. it wasn’t easy hunting down the needed dependency many of which are not available in the hardy repository. I had to download online from the intrepid repo . here are the things  i did to get it to compile.
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How to fix Cheese webcam problem in Ubuntu 8.10 Ibex. Dell XPS M1330

I installed Ibex on my Dell xps m1330 on the day ibex was released but things werent as smooth as they were on of the major issue is :


Use to work out of the box on hardy heron but for some reasons stopped working on ibex. it seems its a bug and the gnome devs are working to fix it. however there is a work around which seem to work for everybody. (didnt work for me becasue i didnt try it. becasue i have already downgraded to hardy heron.) the guide involves the use of command line but nothing too difficult. you can find it here .
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