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Low Light Photography

So decided to test out the much hyped Google Pixel’s low light photography “fantasticness”. So one night took a walk around the neighborhood to get some air from over 3 months of lock down. Decided to test out the Pixel low light photography capability…

To say I was impressed is an understatement…

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Fixing Windows / Screen Tearing on Intel Graphic Card – Linux

I had some mild / serious screen and window tearing problems when moving windows, scrolling through the browser and the general KDE Plasma UI could be a bit laggy. The problem was reduced if I switched my rendering backend from OpenGL 2.0((Hardware rendering  – the default) to Xrender (Software rendering).

The system is a work laptop – a Thinkpad E550-. It comes with an Intel Broadwell Chip. Running lspci -c video spit out this following: Read more

Felicity Inverter – A short Review.

This post is a response to the question below

Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by SolnergyPower: 4:39pm On Jun 26

Good day friends.

Do you have experience with FELICITY INVERTERS, how efficient are their inverters?

Thank you.

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Bit of a Background (You can skip to the Review Proper)

About a year ago I started my journey into energy independence and sustainability by dabbing into renewable energy. After months of planning my offgrid setup finally came on live.

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Best Operating System in the World


Just got my Kubuntu 10.10 Live CD from shipit. Thanks Canonical! 🙂

Shots from a Saturday Morning Off Road Hike

It’s been a while since I took a hike. So when last friday a friend asked if we could take an off-road walk into some of the wilderness around where I leave, I jumped on the offer. It was to be the most refreshing and mind blowing experience I have had in a long time. It all goes to show how much awesomeness surrounds us which we most of the time neglect in search of awesomeness in distance lands. I let the Pictures do the talking