True Colours

Inspiration came from a song by  Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly with same name. I recently became a fan of casual (and Picture Blogging) when I don’t feel like writing some long boring stuff

My Self in Summary

Fun Loving Guy (I think/hope) Simple things in life, found out its sometimes the things we take for granted the most which matter the most.

What I’m doing with my Life

So, I am currently a System Administrator for some University where I get to deliver technologies which aid learning etc. I studied Law in Uni though (Yeah I get ask that a lot)  Right now I am  involved in free and opensource technology, it’s uses in the advancement of education, science and technology, and life generally (and all that  happy stuff)

However Right now I focus on building IT infrastructure as it relate to Web development and & design. Backend stuffs like

  • Library Management System
  • Library Automation
  • E-library System
  • School & classroom Management systems
  • Document and Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Private cloud (Backup servers, Storage Servers etc)
  • Network Administration
  • Linux Administration
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Mass deployment and management  of Windows and Linux client and server system

 Also stuffs like









Plone CMS

Virtualization (KVM, VMware)

I am really good at?

Seriously I can’t pin my hand on one^ thing I am really good at (In a positive way) I am incredibly obsessed with gathering information though

Love History & Contemporary Literature


One comment on “About

  1. ” I CAN’T – Dance,swim, progam in C++ (Though I wish I could)” hahahahahahahaha, came here from old bigbrovar, and twitter and beageagle and the web. I am also interested in information gathering (I think it’s a reverse form hunting and gathering of fruits which is my ancestors favourite occupation), currently studying information technology in the university and building up and #afterschool network, nice to meet you sir šŸ™‚ .

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