Most Elegant way to Manage Menus

This IMHO is the most elegant way to manage applications menus. Here the menu is tucked nicely in the window manager such that its easy to have access to them without travel (to the system panel) -looking at Unity , and at the same time I can use my focus under mouse settings. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words.  An example of KDE’s Koolness.
Here is the Project page

5 comments on “Most Elegant way to Manage Menus

  1. Nice solution! I use too focus under mouse, and could’nt use system panel (Mac-style) menus. Really like this solution!

    1. @2d55a9d2baafcdcf0394b3cab10af0c2:disqus actually the reason I prefer this solution is because I guess to travel less when trying to access application menus. Also I can get to use the “focus on mouse option” which would be impossible is I had the menubar in the tastbar.

  2.  Great article. Such an interesting topic that it is. This post having great color and nice information about the IMHO to handled the menu. From this picture it is looking that their is so easy to access the menu in this application.

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