How to Fix Pidgin and Yahoo Issues

Lots of people (including me) have been experiencing issues trying to connect to their yahoo messenger account via pidgin. The reason for this issues seem to be that Yahoo are updating their servers and are using a new authentication system?

Thankfully i found a workaround

Work around
Open Pidgin and go to Account menu

select manage account, choose your yahoo account and click on modify


go to the advance tab. and in the page server field replace whatever is there with the following

save and close.


Try connecting to yahoo again from pidgin. It sure worked for me. I hope it works for you

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    1. This worked…Thanks a lot…this who process has been very frustrating and its nice to have finally found a solution…

  1. I am using Pidgin 2.5.5 on Ubuntu 9.04.
    This one is not working:

    but it’s working fine with this one:

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. If you are behind a firewall e.g. office setup, the below worked for me.

    Under Advanced Settings:
    Pager Server:
    Pager Port:80
    File Transfer Port:80

  3. If you can upgrade to the new pidgin 2.5.7 it should work fine. Should be something to do with how Yahoo changed Authentication. They have a repository on the Pidgin site that works well.

  4. I tried it, and it worked for a few days, many thanks!!

    Then it stopped working, alas. Probably Yahoo changed again.

    Could you do again what you did to discover that fix, or better yet, say how you found it? Thanks again!

  5. looks like if you do fedora, you are s.o.l. until latest pidgin update. i note from lots of google that this scenario pops every couple years.

  6. Pidgin 2.5.8 is now out with many fixes for the 2.5.7 issues. Available in my PPA and pidgin-developers.
    NB: new paging server is

  7. That worked for me
    thx alot

    Under Advanced Settings:
    Pager Server:
    Pager Port:80
    File Transfer Port:80

  8. pidgin got problem to connect yahoo accounts from march112010 did any one has solution how to solve this? iam using as pagerserver

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