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How to install SageMaths on ubuntu

how i got to install sage on ubuntu..

Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface.
you can read more about sage here
unfortunately sage is not available in the Ubuntu repositories and in-fact any repositories as a .deb package. ( at the time of writing this). did you say compiling? dont even go there i tried building it. and failed woefully. fortunately i found a nice and easy to install it on Ubuntu. there is a binary package already compiled for Ubuntu. which makes installation on Ubuntu quite easy and straight forward.
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How to make M1330’s eject button work with Ubuntu

One problem i had with my dell is not really a critical issue more of an annoyance. The fancy eject button just above my the dell’s keyboard those not work. I would have to manually right click and eject any mounted cd from its icon on the desktop. it would make my life easier if solved. well i have found a solution

open terminal
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Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex On Dell xps m1330

Installing Hardy heron on my laptop was quite a breeze. the only thing i had to configure was the finger print reader. but even that went quite well after following an easy guide.
However Ibex was not that easy. Ibex was released some 6 days after i got my dell so it was good timing. but my first experience was very unpleasant. and things that just use to work on hardy without an extra config didn’t work on Ibex.Things like my Finger print reader stopped working even after i followed the guide that worked so well on hardy. Webcam too stopped working. that worked on hardy without me lifting a finger. my inbuilt mic too was affected. in the end i had to downgrade back to hardy and waited for the dust to settle and for the real geeks to figure out all the issues :). well the good news is that they have. am back to Ibex and must of the issues have been resolved. well not yet out of the box though but here are what i did to fix the issues.
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How to install scilab 5.0.3 on Ubuntu 8.4


They say if u want something done you’d better do it your self. Since there was no deb package for the latest scilab 5.0.3. I had no choice than to build one from source. it wasn’t easy hunting down the needed dependency many of which are not available in the hardy repository. I had to download online from the intrepid repo . here are the thingsĀ  i did to get it to compile.
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Ubuntu Hardy heron On Dell xps m1330

Ubuntu and Dell XPS M1330

Recently decided to vote with my pocket and stop paying the MS tax. Hence i ordered a laptop that came pre-installed with Linux. i wanted some sleek,powerful and just works with Linux. and the Dell xps m1330 was just want fitted my need. out of the box it just works mp3 and all. it also comes with a reinstall partition which is meant to reinstall the system to it factory state in case you break your computer. what really impressed me the most was the finger print reader which (through thinkfinger) would allow you to use your finger print forĀ  GDM session login, Screensaver unlock, Sudo and gksudo prompts, PolicyKit authorization. now tell me that is not cool.
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How to fix Cheese webcam problem in Ubuntu 8.10 Ibex. Dell XPS M1330

I installed Ibex on my Dell xps m1330 on the day ibex was released but things werent as smooth as they were on of the major issue is :


Use to work out of the box on hardy heron but for some reasons stopped working on ibex. it seems its a bug and the gnome devs are working to fix it. however there is a work around which seem to work for everybody. (didnt work for me becasue i didnt try it. becasue i have already downgraded to hardy heron.) the guide involves the use of command line but nothing too difficult. you can find it here .
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Checking out Intrepid Ibex

Checking out Intrepid Ibex so I decided to write a script to install all my favorite applications and remove applications I cant stand. Here is the script you can always copy it and modify it to suit your taste

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