Monthly archives: February 2007

All about Vista

untitled.jpgscreenshotsmall.jpgscreenshotsmall1.pngAll about Vista….

I remembered the first time I heard of longhorn, it was at a friend’s place. I remembered him telling me some of the great innovation of the then forth coming MS OS that would be replacing XP, most of the information I got that day were about the visual effect, about the 3D, thumbnail preview of minimized objects; the aero glass .etc I was really crazy about the new OS no “more Window blinds” I thought .well as it turnout the new OS was not called is Vista and the most hyped feature about it was not the visuals but the security.

There have been tremendous controversies about this new OS. I remembered reading somewhere that it was the OS of the future as no computer hardware company has any hardware that can cope with vista hardware hungry nature. Someone even said you 4GB of Ram would be needed to run vista. While other gave horrific testimonies about how vista almost crippled their system to breaking point. As it turn out many of these speculation ended up to be false.

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