My Investment Journey so Far

Caveat: The post below is not a financial advise. I am not a certified or trained financial adviser. This is just a log of my own experience with investing.

My Journey started some years back when I decided that the Nigeria currency, The Naira was just too volatile and unstable. It lost over 66% of it’s value in the last 7 years. This got me to convert my savings to dollars and store it in a dollar savings account I opened a while back. The idea was to hedge my savings against Naira devaluation (which happens at an average rate of 6% annually) and inflation. The goal is; as the naira slides downwards, the value of my savings (in dollars) remain as it was when I converted them to dollars.

Sometimes last year, it occurred to me that, putting my money in dollars alone is not enough. I needed to do more here is why.

  • My money is in the Nigerian Banking system and still vulnerable to the Nigerian economy and the fortune of the naira. I am one CBN regulation away from losing all my savings.
  • I am not taking advantage of the time value of money in that, at a 0 interest savings account, my money was not yielding any interest. I am limiting the power of my money working for me. aka money making money for me.

Wealth comes through investing not (just) savings

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Going down the PiHole

It all started when I found 3 Raspberry pi B while going through some old stuff. (The first ever model released back in 2011) There were remnants of a Google sponsored project where we used the Pi to teach Python program to students in public schools. This was back in 2013 IIRC.

The Pi were old and showing sign of rust. What was I to do with it. These were tiny under powered computers (even for 2011 when there were released) I could not throw them away but I did not want to commit too much time resources trying to bring to life a 700Mhz single core computer with 100 megabit Ethernet and 512MB of ram.

Luckily for me I also found an old sdcard, a Samsung Evo U1 card. I had an old phone micro USB phone charger and I suddenly had all I needed to bring life to the old Pi. Read more

Low Light Photography

So decided to test out the much hyped Google Pixel’s low light photography “fantasticness”. So one night took a walk around the neighborhood to get some air from over 3 months of lock down. Decided to test out the Pixel low light photography capability…

To say I was impressed is an understatement…

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Lightning, Fan, and Warranty Issues

My house was affected during a thunderstorm about a Saturday ago. The good news was non major damage was sustained to both human and appliances. Bad news was the lightning attack knocked out the temperature sensor circuit of my inverter. At first I did not notice anything was amiss. The inverter was working fine and there was no obvious issue.

A day later I noticed the inverter was awfully quite and on further investigation I saw that the temperature indicator on the inverter lcd (which displays the temperature of the inverter heat sink) was displaying 0. This raised a red flag and I knew something was wrong. When started the inverter fan comes on for some seconds and then goes off and would not come on again even when the inverter is physically hot.

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Fixing Windows / Screen Tearing on Intel Graphic Card – Linux

I had some mild / serious screen and window tearing problems when moving windows, scrolling through the browser and the general KDE Plasma UI could be a bit laggy. The problem was reduced if I switched my rendering backend from OpenGL 2.0((Hardware rendering  – the default) to Xrender (Software rendering).

The system is a work laptop – a Thinkpad E550-. It comes with an Intel Broadwell Chip. Running lspci -c video spit out this following: Read more

Felicity Inverter – A short Review.

This post is a response to the question below

Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by SolnergyPower: 4:39pm On Jun 26

Good day friends.

Do you have experience with FELICITY INVERTERS, how efficient are their inverters?

Thank you.

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Bit of a Background (You can skip to the Review Proper)

About a year ago I started my journey into energy independence and sustainability by dabbing into renewable energy. After months of planning my offgrid setup finally came on live.

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An 800va Inverter, 250w solar panel and 200AH Battery

Poster on Nairaland asked this question.

Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by BasedOnB1:34pm

Hello everyone, i need some quick advice here please.

I have a 800 VA sukam inverter, a 250 W panel, and a 30 amps PWM controller. My current 150 AH battery is long due for replacement, so i am thinking of replacing it with a new 200 AH. My concern is that the panel may take too long to charge the battery full, even though i don’t intend to discharge it to more than 50%. Am i just better off with a smaller battery, say a 150 AH or 100 AH?

I also need recommendations on reliable battery brands to buy (preferably from experience), i kinda believe the so called ‘telecom’ batteries are solid, even if they are more expensive.

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Battery Discharging – Less can be More

Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by pranil(m): 2:06pm On Jun 20

so on luminous india site, they stated that the 220ah 12v flooded batt will last about 4hrs on 500w load , and 29hrs on 100watt load.
am a lil confused, assume I connect the following, which will last longer?

A. 2x 12v 220ah batt to a 1.5kva 24v inverter to power a 500w load

B. 1 X 12v 220ah batt to a 1.5kva 24v inverter to power a 500w load.

Can you correct B above ( 1 x12 V ) cannot be connected to 24 V inverter . Read more

Tracer 3210A vs Fangpusun 30/100

dejidotun2000(m): 4:50pm On Jun 03

Gurus in the house, please which is better between Epever Tracer3210A and Fangpusun MPPT100/30A. I realize that they are both mppt cc and that the Epever has a screen while the Fangpusun requires an external display. Is there anyone here who has used both and can make informed comments about their real life performance. Thanks

I have used both controllers extensively below are my observations. Read more